Custom development of Cross-Browser Extensions

We are developing top quality stable and good-looking browser extensions and toolbars for Chrome, Firefox, IE and Safari, based on our cross-browser platform and more then 6 years of browser add-ons development.

supporting Chrome, Firefox, IE and Safari

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Free «ballpark» project estimate in 2 days

We will provide you with project cost estimate in 2 working days based on information you provided in  the contact form.

Our manager can call you to discuss project needs and advice you on the best approach.

Customer trust around the world

We have successfull working experience with companies from Forbes Global 2000 list, like Skype,, Group, Yandex and others. You can rely on our responsive customer support.

Personal manager and weekly reports

We will assign you a personal project manager who is an expert in IT. The project manager will provide you with weekly reports on the project status and with project version (if it is technically possible).

You always have an option to set up the weekly call with the PM or  a technical specialist if you have questions regarding the project or it'-s status.

3 months of guaranty after project completion

You will get 3 moth guaranty after project completion. During that period, we will fix any possible issues found on the software as specified in the contract. That also includes updates to support minor browser update (if is technically possible for your project).

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What you will get already included into your project?

Development based on platform we’ve been using for the last 4 years for all our clients

With our rich experience and expertise, we’ve developed a platform based on the best-known practices in the field. The quality has been proven by our clients who we’ve been working with for the last several years.

Cross-browser and cross-platform support

Your project will support all major browsers: Chrome, Firefox, IE and Safari. It already includes 3 months of updates for all new browser versions (minor browser updates) to simplify your product launch.

Chrome, Firefox, IE and Safari

Installation package for Windows and Mac OS X

Your will get .exe installer for Windows and .dmg Package with installation application for Mac OS X. Both of those packages supports silent launch, so you can use them as bundle in other product installer.

Windows and Mac OS X

Automatic software updates for your project

We will bundle automatic software updater application which will silently check for updates on your server and install them to user computer.

Statistics package installation to your server-side

You can request us to roll-up statistics applications into your server-side (technical requirements should comply). Statistics includes (depends on distribution) — number of installs, uninstalls, active users for each day, geography.

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How your project will look?

There are two common ways of plug-in layout we are using for most of project. First one is toolbar located at the bottom of browser window with abylity to minimize. The second one is browser buttons with a pop-up window. With additional price we can also offer you any other custom design you need.


You will get a solution based on the platform being used and tested during last 4 years

We have developed the platform the provides a cross-browser API to allow us develop plug-ins for all supported browsers simultaneously.

It provides an API for project and allows us to simplify development process and that effect on project stability.

That is possible because we already covered all common things required in your project by involving number of technologies, including C++ / C# / Objective-C / PHP / HTML / JS / JAVA SE / Delphi.

During all those years the platform allows us to reuse our experience in most effective way and avoid bugs in all common cases.

part of code

We can develop any of following monetization methods or any other at your choice

Replacing default search
Coupons / Price comparison
Additional SERP items
Words highlighting

About Macte! Labs

Macte! /latin, adjective/

means “well done!”, “good!”, “bravo!”

Founded in 2009, Macte! Labs established a reputation of a solid and responsible service provider, offering solutions for large varieties of clients, from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies.

Nowadays Macte! Labs is a leader on the market of browser extensions. We own and develop our proprietary browser extensions platform — Neobars — probably the most advanced and stable add-ons platform on the market — that we use for custom projects, bringing up speed, effectiveness and compatibility of all our solutions.