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Some statistics about creating mobile apps

According to the authoritative German company Statista, in 2020 the gross annual income of the mobile development industry will exceed $ 189 billion. This is an absolute record because only 2 years ago this figure was at $ 50.9 billion. Despite the tremendous growth, the market is far from saturation. The mobile revolution is just beginning. Firstly, applications for Android and iOS have ceased to be an attribute of large brands, and this area is actively developed by local enterprises: retailers, service providers, social networks, educational companies, restaurants, hotels. Secondly, the consumer himself is “developing”, spending more time on the mobile Internet: in 2015, more than half of the search queries Google received from smartphones and tablets, and this number is growing. And finally, the number of people using the devices is increasing - a simple but significant factor. As you know, demand creates supply: today, not only major brands but also small regional companies that are developing new market segments are increasingly turning to create applications for smartphones.

Why does your business need a mobile app?

You get an effective sales tool

It is not only about the goods or services that you produce. You can enter the market with an aggregator program which collects content from different sources, compares the prices of many suppliers and offers the consumer the best option. Income from the application usually consists of interest accrued from each purchase.

You care about the customer

Companies, for which it is important to establish communication with the buyer, not only before the purchase and sale transaction but also after, apply for the development of mobile applications. Here are the basic tools: useful content and free additional bonuses that the user receives through the mobile application. It will pay off in the future - thankful customers come back again and bring friends.

You can automate business

The times when all requests from clients were processed by a live operator are a thing of the past. Now artificial intelligence can do it. The simplest example is a taxi service, in which the system automatically distributes cars to orders. The same approach can be applied when creating a mobile application for other business areas.

Dispatching a team of experts

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Quality & testing

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We use advanced technology

oracle Xamarin Android AngularJS iOS Microsoft .NET Postgre SQL Phone Gap nodeJS java Microsoft SQL Server mongoDB My SQL php React python

A mobile application is always created for a specific operating system, and this dictates the choice of tools for the project. For example, cross-platform frameworks are most often used when developing simultaneously for Android and iOS, that allows releasing a product that works on all platforms. If you want to create a program for a specific OS, then the native approach is most often used, that is, using a specialized programming language. The development studio "Macte! Labs" uses all modern technologies to create a convenient, functional and fast mobile application to solve any business problems.


One of the most frequent questions is how much does a mobile application development cost? It depends on various factors:

Required functionality

Obviously, a simple solution without a database will cost less than a social network application with a powerful back-end that provides fault tolerance and server performance.

Choice of technology

Most often, developing mobile applications using the native approach requires a larger budget than creating a project using frameworks, since in the first case the work takes more time to write code and test.


If the implementation requires minimal participation from the designer and makeup man, this will reduce the cost of development. And vice versa - the creation of unique design (icons, animation, stylization of forms, customization under the OS) increases the total cost of work.

Our customers are world famous brands.

Developing applications for turnkey mobile devices is teamwork. If you decide to order a program for a smartphone in "Macte! Labs" you can be sure that a cohesive team of designers, developers, and marketers will be involved in your project. This allows us to release a working prototype within 2 weeks after signing the contract. Separately, I would like to say about support after the release - agency experts provide valuable advice on the monetization and promotion of the program and help in its operation.

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And finally some more facts. In 2016, analysts noted that all brands ordering the development of mobile applications were divided into 2 categories: most companies simply used mobile programs as an additional sales channel, while some companies have made them the main “reformer” of their business. A year later, the number of companies from the second category increased by almost 2 times. Today their number has grown by an order of magnitude. What follows from this? Creating a mobile application can not just increase customer loyalty and increase revenue, but bring business to a new level. The main thing in the first stage is to find responsible and experienced performers. "Macte! Labs" will become a reliable partner in the creation of programs for mobile devices. Submit for application!

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