Macte! Labs is producing and supporting software products

Starting from scratch and conceptual design, up to distribution process

Software support —
— Development
— Concept design
— Prototyping
Quality assurance —



60 million

end-user installations


B2B clients


returning client

Macte! Labs Products and Services is  a Powerful platform for monetising browser extensions and tracking extension usage statistics.
- Visually Appealing toolbars
- Development Tools
- Cross-browser support

NeoBars online assistant will increase your website’s conversion rate. It will help your doubting visitors become your happy clients.
Short conversation with live assistant may become the final step to making the decision to buy your product or service

QuickChat allows you to build browser extensions for your news channels wherever it is located: in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or even on your website


Custom Development Services.

Macte! Labs provide professional development services for the creation of toolbars, sidebars and other extensions for all the major web browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome

Get a free quote for your project in 48 hours

We can create some of the most advanced, stable and attractive extensions on the market, based on our own platform, which we have been developing for years

Supported browsers:

Meet our clients and partners around the world

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About Macte! Labs

Macte! /latin, adjective/

means “well done!”, “good!”, “bravo!”

Macte! Labs is a Canadian corporation with headquarters in Vancouver, BC and development offices in Russia, that gives it fast access to the best "Russian Silicon Valley" talents.

Founded in 2009, Macte! Labs established a reputation of a solid and responsible service provider, offering solutions for large varieties of clients, from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies.

Nowadays Macte! Labs is a leader on the market of browser extensions. We own and develop our proprietary browser extensions platform - Neobars - probably the most advanced and stable add-ons platform on the market - that we use for custom projects, bringing up speed, effectiveness and compatibility of all our solutions.




Starting working on 
— online assistant software for websites

QuickChat — cross-browser platform
to create extensions based on website content



50 mln Reached 50 million
desktop installations of
our clients’ solutions.


10 mln Reached 10 million
mobile installations of
our clients’ applications.



ABIDE — Framework to create browser extensions
for Chrome, Firefox, IE, Opera, Safari — one code
for all browsers


We produced number of Mobile applications.
For custom development services we also
started producing mobile apps

Mobile applications


Mac Installer Application was one of first
solutions to build «.app» Mac Installer

Mac Installer Application


We’re proud to say we developed the first
platform on the market for creating Safari extensions

Safari extensions