Android Applications Development

Macte!Labs team offers the creation of applications for Android.

Developing apps for Android


According to OS statistics, Android uses about 85% of mobile device users. They shop at online stores, reserve places for events, and order services. Among them is your target audience! Development of mobile applications for Android is a great opportunity to stand out among competitors, build communication with customers and establish a new effective sales channel.

What could be the application?

Studies show that the greatest demand from Android users is mobile services such as:

  • Delivery service
  • Online stores
  • Aggregators of goods and services
  • Booking services

What type of application to choose for your business? It depends primarily on the scope of the company and the required functionality of the app.

Stages of development of mobile applications for Android

First, you need to answer three basic questions: “For whom is the application created?”, “What functions should be performed?” and “How do users find out about the app?”. Only after a thorough study of the target audience, a discussion of the functionality and ways of promotion can be taken to create an application for Android.

The process consists of the following steps:
  • Prototype. At this stage, user behavior scripts are developed and the main functionality is implemented.
  • Appearance. Designers and layout designers create the user interface of the application, taking into account current trends, behavioral factors of the target audience and business features.
  • Implementation. After the approval of the prototype, developers write code, resulting in the application acquires a complete image.
  • Developing a backend. Development of mobile applications for Android, as a rule, does not do without the development of the server part, which is responsible for the registration/authorization of users, the functionality of personal accounts, etc.
  • Testing. The most important step to identify and fix errors in the mobile application.
  • Promotion. This could include downloading the app to Google Play, to the customer’s sites and other sites, as well as marketing the project’s promotion among consumers.
  • Support. It is equally important to receive feedback from users after the release of the application, which helps to quickly fix technical failures and problems.

Thus, the creation of applications for Android can be divided into 3 main stages: preparation, implementation, and promotion. In other words, developing a good software product is still half the battle. It is equally important to make it known among the potential and actual customers of the company.

The cost of developing a mobile application

The price of each project is calculated individually and consists of three main factors:

  • Required functionality
  • Implementation difficulty
  • Features of design and interface

Development of mobile applications for Android is one of the priorities of the Macte!Labs Sign up for a consultation to discuss the project and find out the exact cost of developing a mobile application for your company.