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What our clients think about us

Good quality job made in a timely manner

Macte team made an incredible job! All members were so into the project, so it didn't take a while for them to review and get the structure of our code base. I would definitely be glad to do the next project with them!

Perfect dedication to the project, all requirements has been made as expected.

Excellent job of Bogdan and his team. Got the work done, a team was helpful and honest. I will partner you again for sure. Thanks to MacteLabs!

Macte team obviously can handle the task of any complicity you may give them.

Easy-going team and so involved into their work! They proven to be a professionally advanced and absolute awareness of the latest technical solutions of industry. Alexey and Macte team are very easy to work with!

They did a great job!

I was looking for a team to deliver chrome extension that enforces a cookie. MacteLabs dared to nail it and they actually made it!

Professionally done job

Our browser extension was in need of the better performance and Alexey done an awesome job with it! Everything made according as our specification required. We likely to hire Alexey once again for adjustment of another browser extension we have. It was a pleasure to work with Alexey!

A great experience
working with Macte Labs!

I had a great experience with Macte Labs! The team is a hugely professional and highly responcive. They were straightforward in communication and very easy to work with. Highly recommend!