iOS Applications Development

Macte!Labs team offers the creation of applications for iPhone and iPad.

Developing apps for iOS from professionals


Modern consumers are increasingly using smartphones, tablets, and other gadgets to search for services, order products, and select contractors. This becomes the main reason why business representatives order the creation of applications for iOS and other operating systems for their company - this is how they get one step closer to their customers and get the opportunity to increase sales.

The mobile application has a number of undeniable advantages over other sales tools and communication with customers (for example, in front of an adaptive website):

  • The possibility of technical implementation of an idea, for example, the effect of augmented or virtual reality.
  • Sending push notifications or SMS.
  • Possibilities of “targeted” marketing - informing about personal offers, discounts, promotions, and sales.

Company Macte!Labs offers professional mobile app development for iOS for your business. We implement any functionality, from a simple business card program to an interactive service. So, how we are working?

  • We are analyzing. We are immersed in the client's business, we figure out the goals of the project, we make a portrait of the target consumer, we identify unique competitive advantages, we determine the stages and cost of development.
  • We design. Developing an application for an iPhone begins with a simulation of an intelligence card with a description of all the necessary functions. At the end of this stage, the customer receives a working prototype.
  • We create a design. At this stage, the designer carefully studies the app interface - buttons, forms, scrollers, and other elements. The design should be intuitive and consistent with current trends.
  • We are programming. The development of iOS mobile applications is usually done in a native way, that is, through a specialized programming language. This allows you to take into account all the features of the platform and create a fast, stable and secure application. If necessary, documentation and an API are written at this stage.
  • We are testing. The application is “runs” on all versions of the OS, as a result of which errors are detected and fixed.
  • We support the project. We help make the application recognizable and give recommendations on monetization after placing the app in the App Store...