Tor Anonymous Browser
is now available for Android

The official launch of the anonymous Tor browser for Android has taken place. Previously, it was available using the Orfox browser. For almost a year, the application was in beta.

The anonymous Tor browser is based on Mozilla Firefox 60. You can work with it privately. Also, the user has access to extensions and various functions that are provided in Firefox.

Since September 2018, the users of smartphones have the opportunity to use the alpha version of Tor. To do this, you first had to install the Orbot proxy application. Only under such a condition was it possible to create a connection to the Tor network.

Orbot is now integrated directly into the browser. Therefore, there is no need for a separate installation of a proxy application.

Tor got its name from the expression “The Onion Router”. Literal translation means “onion router”, which is explained by the specifics of the application. The browser feature is the use of multiple layers of encryption.

Tor is not available to users of Apple-based mobile devices. Such restrictions are set by the developer. Instead, the Onion Browser application by the Guardian project is recommended.