Mobile Apps for Business

According to experts’ forecasts, in 2018 mobile phones will be 6 times more popular than PCs and laptops. The number of downloads from AppStore and Google Play reached 268,69 billion at the end of 2016.

Needless to say, that mobile applications are changing almost any aspect of our life — communications, food, clothes, friends, transportation and entertainment.

Dozens of companies have made a fortune with the help of mobile technologies. That’s why almost any business «keeps its finger on the pulse» of mobile technologies.

What types of mobile apps can we develop for you?

  1. Business process automation with mobile apps. One of the drivers and trends of any market. We are talking about automation systems for hotels, restaurants and shopping centres.

  2. Apps to increase the employees productivity. With a mobile application, a company can provide employees with the access to enterprise software like ERP, CRM, project management software, corporate portals and social networks.

  3. Implementing and upgrading of client loyalty programs. Why bother with plastic cards when you can offer your clients the mobile app? Not only will it free space in their wallet, it will also allow you to communicate with them notifying about news, discounts etc. In 2016 one of the leaders on the automotive market carried out a test offering its clients both plastic cards and a mobile application — only 10 of 1000 people had chosen plastic!

  4. Online-services for your clients. This part is well known. Sign up to a car service? Order a pizza? Buy tickets to a cinema? With no doubts, all of these can be easier and faster done online. Online services offered by the company are often the most important criterias for the client. For instance, according to researches 40% of respondents indicated the ease of a mobile bank as a key bank selection criteria.

Paying the attention to the above, we can conclude that the mobile services become another fields for business competition, which shouldn’t be underestimated.