Neo Button:
create browser button
in several clicks

Speaking of browser extensions, most people remember various toolbars in the old-fashioned way. But nowadays extensions can take different forms one of which is a browser button.

The point of a browser button is simple — beside an address bar of a browser a button with a logo is set and if you click it, one of the targeted tasks happen: redirecting to the website you need, opening a window with a content or any other task.

Browser buttons are convenient above all with their compactness. Unlike toolbars, a button takes less space and has a specific functional and comparing to a number of buttons in toolbars, most of which aren’t used at all.

In order to make easier the lives of those not having programming skills but wanting to create a browser button for their own websites, we have come up with the service NeoButtons (, which enables to create a button with any contents of a website literally in no time.

For solving this task we have analyzed the peculiarities of making extensions for every browser, found out all the limitations and pitfalls and this all has resulted in the solution which with the help of a constructore enables to create a browser button with the logo you need clicking which opens a pop-up window with the contents of the webpage you need and even with the feed from social networks (Vkontakte, Facebook, Twitter, Google+).

Also the main requirement for the given service was to creat a product for several browsers at once.

The useful feature of the service is the fact that users of this extensions are gonig to get notices on news coming from your social net feeds — the counter of unchecked news is going to appear on the button logo.

This way the users who have set up your browser button are going to get an access to your contents and news about discounts and actions without entering your website and that is the great opportunity to keep your audience informed.

Creating a browser button at is quite simple:

  1. Log in at
  2. Type the address of your website in the opened constructor — web contents loads automatically.
  3. Add the logo of the browser button.
  4. Indicate the social net groups the news from which you want to broadcast to users.
  5. Save the product and get the file for spreading in Chrome Webstore / Mozilla Addons.

Create your own NeoButton right away!