Opera GX - a new gaming browser

Opera developers are constantly improving their products, in particular, actively experimenting with the browser. Users were already presented with a browser in the Neon assembly, which had an unusual interface. Users tested Reborn3, which supports Web3, which provides access to a crypto-wallet and quick exit through a VPN. Now developers are offering users to try the gaming browser - Opera GX.

Preliminary expectations

So far, the technical details are unknown. But according to preliminary forecasts and data on the official resource of the company, the browser will be able to synchronize with RGB-backlight. There is no detailed information on future development. It is positioned as a solution to the difficulties that arise during online games. It is assumed that Opera GX will be created based on the Unity service.

There was information that testing will begin soon. Those wishing to participate must register on the site in advance. Then, early access to the application will open and there will be a chance to check the new development in action. Perhaps Opera GX will be similar to Google Chrome. Today, technical developers are focusing on cloud technologies, as they are suitable for online games. So a game-oriented browser is more relevant than ever.

Today, browsers are the main tool when working with a computer. Thanks to the built-in additional web functions, they are used:

as text, graphic, audio and video editors;

for playing two- and three-dimensional online games;

to work on operating systems.

Thus, developments in this direction are very promising. It remains to wait for the official release and appreciate the product.