CO2 Application

This is a kind of research project in the field of ecology. The group of environmental activists placed CO2 sensors around the city. Data from these sensors is being represented on map via mobile application. The map gives the vision and understanding of the less and the most polluted areas of the city.



The project consists of three blocks:
— CO2 detector (based on Arduino platform with CO2 sensor and GSM module for transferring data);
— Server side (storing and processing our data, getting wind direction and air temperature data from weather tracking services);
— Android mobile application (displaying information to end users).

Arduino logic: reading its sensors, activating modules and data transfer processes - is implemented with C++.
Server side is a combination of Node.js server, Flask framework and MySQL database.
Mobile application is a pure native Android Application written with Kotlin.
Server API
Arduino Device

Product Features

  • Polluted Area Heat Map
    Local map displaying the least and most polluted areas of the city as a heat map. Zoom, scroll, research, find the best place for your morning running or your evening walk.
  • Sophisticated Mathematics
    The heat map is not just raw information from sensors. It is a mathematical model considering landscape relief, wind direction and strength. The model was built by our developers based on statistical data.
  • Scientific Data Collection
    Each sensor sends new figures every 5 minutes. Sensor readings are being saved into a database together with date and time values. This information will help local scientists to conduct their research. And provide environmental activists with the most recent and the most accurate view to the city air pollution.
  • Critical Pollution Notification
    The application will raise a notification if it finds you inside the area with a pollution level that is not safe for your health. You will be able to leave the location or at least close your office window as local authorities recommend to do.

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