Recipe Book Application

Cross platform iOS and Android application for tracking calories and searching for new food recipes. QuickScan feature for products with barcodes delivering easier way of tracking. Personal profile for tracking progress and achievements.



The architecture of this application is pretty simple. We use Flutter and it’s libraries to implement the application UI. This minimizes application development time compared to native implementation. Node.JS server and Express.js framework are used for supplying the mobile application with data that is being stored in PostgreSQL database. This construction is simple and can easily be scaled for growing needs and extending the product’s potential.
Mobile Application
Server API

Key features

  • Categorised Recipes
    A great selection of recipes for any meal plan. Multiple categories of foods. Vegan, low calorie, high protein, etc. Easy to search, easy to navigate through, easy to cook!
  • Calorie Tracker
    Track consumed calories quickly. Active suggestions while adding products. Large base of products. Possibility of adding personal products and their calorie value.
  • QuickScan Feature
    Take a snack from the shop’s shelf, scan its barcode and it is ready to be tracked. Huge database of products from local stores onboard. No manual filling. No waste of time.
  • Exercise Tracker
    Track your daily sports and exercises. Enter data manually or get it automatically synchronised with Apple Health and Google Fit. Set targets and participate in competitions!
  • Personal Profile
    Social activity helps to achieve new goals and hold current positions. Share your activity with friends, make workouts together, ask questions, post useful information for others!
  • Active Notifications
    Forgot to track your breakfast? Not doing your planned workout? Failing to complete today’s calorie burning plan? The application will stimulate you with some friendly reminders.

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