Transportation Management System

Complete business automation and optimisation solution: cross-platform mobile application (iOS + Android) and backend for the transportation services company. Creating and managing jobs for workers, notifying about new jobs available, tracking complete and incomplete tasks, processing incoming payments and payouts.

React Native


The solution should replace and improve existing business processes inside the transportation company. Before the solution was implemented and released all steps were being done manually.

Process before:
Local Database
New tasks
Assigned tasks
Status updates
Call to assign tasks
Call to get updates
There are several bottlenecks in this process:
— Database is local.
Manager needs to be in the office to get or update information.
— Tasks are being assigned to workers by a phone call.
Workers are driving trucks. They cannot pick up the phone quickly and are not able to write down information.
— Manager does all synchronisation.
All status updates, changes in tasks, confirmations, cancellations are being done through the manager. This slows everything down.
— Manager handles all payments and payouts.
Going to the payment system and initiating the payout process takes a significant amount of time. Getting payments from Clients.
Paying money to Workers.

Process after:
Assigned tasks
Status updates
Server API
New tasks
Worker Payouts
Client Payments
Things get faster exponentially. 70% less calls between Managers and Workers. Payouts and clients invoices are fully automated (integration Paypal and Stripe). Managers are on track of everything from any part of the world as the system can be privately accessed over the Internet.

Key features

  • Easy Task Creation
    Managers can easily create new tasks with the matter of several clicks. All tasks have a set of parameters that can be changed.
  • Locations On Map
    Workers can easily choose tasks to work on and see all locations on map. No more explaining routes by phone.
  • Pay By Card Online
    Automated credit card billing for clients. No more cash payments. No more dictation of credit card information by phone. Send easy-to-pay links to clients. Powered by Stripe.
  • Task Tracking
    No need to call each Worker back. Finished tasks will be marked as complete automatically.
  • Where Are You
    No need to ping Workers back by telephone to see their locations. Their location is shown live on the map.

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