Been Choice

Been Choise is a unique and the first product of its kind. This application allows a user to block ads built in other applications even social net ads and native ads of a smartphone manufacturer. Apart from that it gives a user an opportunity to earn real money in exchange for information on their preferences.

Customer: Been. Inc.

Been Choice


To develop the application enabling to collect behavioural characteristics of a user — gender and age, area of interests, most often visited places and webpages and etc.


The application with a wide functionality attracting as many users as possible since the key task is to get as large data selection about users as possible.


In order to attract an audience the function of blocking mobile application ads was chosen since at that time not a single addblocker could offer such an opportunity. Thus Macte!Labs became one of the first developers of mobile ads blocking in the world.

Project results

The application has caused a real sensation in the world of mobile application thanks to its tremendous abilities. A great lot of major Western mass-media have covered this application. Shortly after Apple company blocked this application in App’Store because it blocked even the news from Apple themselves and Facebook application ads. This blocking had a great impact. However it has been functioning to this day.