We have developed our own platform for creating browser extensions and this platfrom allows to get a product suitable for any kinds of browsers without any extra staff time.




To creat developing environment working according to the principle «one code — all the browsers» so that finally a developer will be able to get a product suitable for all the browsers.


To increase development efficiency, reduce clients expenses.


Adapting the technique of making extensions in all the browsers to the single mode and then harmonize interaction of all the rest browsers with API within a platform.



The customized background for Firefox and Internet Explorer has been implemented (the similar functional WebExtensions for Firefox has been made already after making our platform. API of all the browsers have been made and the single functional of interaction within a platform has been implemented. Unlike our competitors’ solutions the declared properties of our platform work in all the browsers.

Project results

We have developed the solution allowing through the mode «Drag and Drop» to creat toolbars and browser buttons, filling them with different widgets. Building of a product and generation of installation files for all the popular browsers after completing of all the settings.