The Silver Circle

Cross platform iOS and Android mobile app designed to connect the seniors all around the globe, where they can search for people with the same hubbie around them and keep connected.

We created a custom design and developed an API for the mobile app to connect to the database in a secure way, as well a backend that will allow you to control every user and interaction and choose what Affiliated adds to show.

Our mobile app has a chat with the same functionality as whatsapp (without encryption or phone calls) and the possibility to create groups, manage them, block, share images. Unique opportunity for the seniors with a simplified social network where they can continue meeting new people and feeling alive.

The Silver Circle The Silver Circle

The Silver Circle

Key features

Find people with the same hobbies all around the globe

Organize it all
We will implement groups where you can connect with new people.

Filter by hobbies
Whatever you like you can find more people like you and share unique moments.

Trash it if hate it
If you don't connect someone you can block him. You will have control always.

Search around you
You can find people around your area or the globe with the same interest.

Share with others
We want people to connect and you can share your id with them!

Create events
On our future updates you will be able to create events and invite people with the same interest.

Total control for admin
We implemented a dashboard to control all user interactions and getting that sweet big data to be able to market affiliated links and finance the app.
On the dashboard not only you have control to edit all the information from the users, block them or add them manually, but as well the opportunity to focus advertisement by keywords.


and other

Project features

The core point of the project was to create a simple system for the elderly that has bigger text and is a simplified social network. We decided to go cross-platform as a way to reduce development time the planned features could have great efficiency that way.

  • Exclusive design
  • Custom API development
  • Affiliate ads
  • Search around
  • Chat