Mobile applications development

According to statistics of February 2017 in five largest cities of Russia, there are slightly more than 500 mobile application-developing companies, which is very little. For clarity in St. Petersburg alone in 2016 there were registered 390 000 of small and middle-sized businesses. That is if each thousandth company in St. Petersburg alone concerns itself with developing its own mobile application, these 500 odd developing studios will get an amount of work for 2-3 months at least.

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Customizing Firefox browser button “behavior”

Here’s the example when it is necessary to customize the browser button behaviour — the standard Firefox functional doesn’t provide an opportunity to process separately the left and right button click of a mouse.

There are a few ways to create Extension with a browser button, the most simple ones are to use Firefox SDK и Web Extension. But only Firefox SDK Extension has a possibility to customize.

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Browser market review
(winter of 2017)

According to LiveInternet statistics the situation on the browser market in the beginning of 2017 hasn’t changed a lot.

Judging the results of January the most popular kind of browsers is Google Chrome, taken over more than half of the market — 55,09%.

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Mobile Apps for Business

According to experts’ forecasts, in 2018 mobile phones will be 6 times more popular than PCs and laptops. The number of downloads from AppStore and Google Play reached 268,69 billion at the end of 2016.

Needless to say, that mobile applications are changing almost any aspect of our life — communications, food, clothes, friends, transportation and entertainment.

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Neo Button:
create browser button
in several clicks

Speaking of browser extensions, most people remember various toolbars in the old-fashioned way. But nowadays extensions can take different forms one of which is a browser button.

The point of a browser button is simple — beside an address bar of a browser a button with a logo is set and if you click it, one of the targeted tasks happen: redirecting to the website you need, opening a window with a content or any other task.

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