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Browser extensions for companies:
the main advantage

How to improve the competitiveness of a company? What can help to expand the target audience and take the business to a new level? Obviously, releasing a good product is no longer enough - currently, there is serious competition in most areas and often the more successful is the one who has established a dialogue with customers, who responds quickly to market demands. So, for example, online chat rooms have appeared, designed to improve communication with site visitors and shorten the sale process.

One of the most effective ways to attract and retain customers is to order a browser extension, which is a program that is embedded in web browsers and expands their functionality. That might be a habitable toolbar, a browser’s button, interactive form, dynamic informer - in browser extension developing, you can implement any functionality. This can be a handle toolbar, a browser button, an interactive form, dynamic informer - you can implement any functionality in the browser extension development.

Additional advantages


The principle of “1 extension for all browsers” allows you to install the plugin in any web browser, from Internet Explorer to Safari.

Stylish appearance

A browser extension is a complete program, created by all the rules of modern design.

Long contact with a client

As long as the extension is installed, the client will remember you.

Moreover, the presence of a “proprietary” browser plug-in is an indication that the company follows modern technologies and keeps up with the times.

Browser extension: from prototype to release in 60 days

Creating browser extensions occurs in several basic steps:


Immersion in the project

An expert communicates with you by phone, email or instant messengers. We discuss how to monetize an extension and the difficulties that may arise during the development or testing period.


Drafting technical specifications

We analyze the working concept of the project during a personal meeting or by phone.


Approval of prices for services

We define tactics, approve technical tasks, coordinate financial issues.


Launch of the project

We sign the contract, we approve terms, schedule, and order of works.


Demonstration of a prototype in 2 weeks

We evaluate the first version of the extension. Discuss possible risks. We consider your recommendations.


Weekly updates

Once a week we send a report on the work process. If necessary, we negotiate by phone (Skype).

We work with large customers around the world.

Among the customers of "Macte! Labs" well-known brands and high-tech companies, for which the creation of browser extensions has become an effective tool for interaction with Central Asia. These include discount and coupon aggregators, Internet banks, social networks, online stores, information portals, search engines. Before launching any project, we define its goals, objectives and develop a clear concept. The most important step is testing a working prototype. Rectification of the extension is carried out only after a thorough acquaintance with a real audience and elimination of all technical errors.

Guaranteeing the result

Three-month guarantee of product efficiency

Documenting all the stages in a contract

Refund is guaranteed

If you decide to order a browser extension, remember that after the release, you should pay particular attention to the support of the extension. If there are any difficulties, we will quickly make any corrections to the project within three months after the final payment. If you are not satisfied with the quality of work - we will refund the money. Among other advantages of cooperation is budget optimization. This is achieved through the use of our own platform NeoBars, which in one click adapts the plugin for all browsers and devices, which reduces the cost of work.

Paying once and getting a product for all browsers and platforms

Our unique development NeoBars makes your product work on all the main platfroms just in one click. This way we decrease a budget and avoid bugs through a reliable platform

How managing to implement projects so quickly?

We have already solved 90 % of the tasks you are trying to.

Own platform

NeoBars is a proven product of our company that simplifies the process of integrating the extension into browsers and helps to avoid common bugs.

We know the "pitfalls"

For more than 8 years, our team has been developing custom browser extensions. During this time we have developed basic troubleshooting principles that arise when developing, testing and supporting projects.

Ready solutions

There are dozens of extensions in the portfolio "Macte! Labs" that can be used as a basis for creating a new. We have already solved 90% of the tasks that you set for yourself

Experienced professionals

Our employees are the best graduates of leading universities of the Russian Science Center. There is a mentoring system in the company, which allows to increase the effectiveness of each developer separately and to rally the team as a whole.

Paying with any convenient way

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